Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

Critical Care Medicine Mission Logo: Clinican, Scholar, Communicator, LeaderThe mission of the Critical Care Medicine Fellowship of Cooper University Hospital is to train balanced intensivists who are equal parts Clinician, Scholar, Communicator, and Leader.

The Clinician

Great clinicians are the product of dedicated mentorship, diversity in patients and pathology, hands-on experience, and graduated responsibility. We aim to develop capable bedside clinicians using leading evidence and therapeutic techniques along with multimodal assessment tools in a high intensity multidisciplinary intensivist model.

The Scholar

It is our responsibility to propel the science and practice of critical care. Our program is committed to producing scholars who are knowledgeable consumers, practical educators, and capable contributors to the medical literature.

The Communicator  

Care comes in many forms. It can be life-saving, life-sustaining, or life-transitioning. A plan of care is only as effective as its execution.  Our fellows are trained to be empathetic communicators who coordinate and deliver care both effectively and compassionately to patients, families, and colleagues.

The Leader

The healthcare landscape is changing and it will dictate the way care is delivered to future generations. We are dedicated to developing the physician leaders of tomorrow by integrating the Art, Business, and Science of medicine through structured mentorship and the practical application of evidence-based, patient outcome-driven programs and projects.