Resident Wellness

We believe in not only maintaining resident wellness through residency but also building the skills and empowering residents to stay well during their future careers. Wellness requires both self-directed practices and a system that holds itself accountable for the wellbeing of its staff. With that said, all residents in Cooper University Health Care get 2 wellness days a year in addition to schedule vacation to use as needed. There are also activities planned throughout the year that include social events, community outreach, and self-care workshops. Residents sit on the GME wellness subcommittee to ensure that their voices are heard when it comes to wellness based activities.

In addition, our program has wellness activities once a month ranging from mindfulness, implicit bias training, to financial wellness. There are also monthly Balint sessions to allow space for residents to debrief their current experience. We have a faculty member dedicated to behavioral health and the wellness of our residents. We also recognize the power in having a voice. Residents have an opportunity every year to evaluate our program and find ways to ensure that their education and clinical responsibilities respect resident well-being while ensuring a rich educational experience.