Cooper Research Institute

The mission of the Cooper Research Institute is to help foster research within the Cooper Health System by providing the faculty, residents, fellows, nurses, and allied health professionals of Cooper with the support and services required to promote and successfully develop and conduct investigator-initiated and sponsor-initiated clinical research, and to attract and manage government, foundation, and industry support.

The Cooper Research Institute works in cooperation with Cooper Medical School of Rowan University to foster the growth of student-centric research in the areas of medical education, the science of healthcare delivery and population health, and targeted translational research, capitalizing on the institutional strengths and expertise of both organizations.

Coriell Institute of Medical Research

The internationally acclaimed Coriell Institute for Medical Research, which is affiliated with Cooper, is an independent, not-for-profit research organization dedicated to understanding human genetic diseases and providing the highest quality genetic resources.

Hematology/Medical Oncology Scholarly Activity

During your experience at MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper–Cooper University Hospital you will have the opportunity to participate in various research activities ranging from abstracts, retrospective or prospective Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved studies, case reports to cancer research grants in various specialties and publish these manuscripts in a journal or conference of your choosing. Each fellow is also expected to complete a quality improvement project during their fellowship.