Integrated Residency

Clinical Schedule

The schedule includes time for learning both Plastic Surgery as well as relevant other specialties, including orthopaedic surgery, anesthesia, dermatology, general surgery, critical care, breast surgery, trauma, vascular surgery, emergency medicine, and ENT. There are also two protected months for research and time for an elective as a Chief Resident. 

Weekly Educational Conference includes all members of the division, with excellent attendance by faculty. The curriculum covers the principles of plastic surgery over the course of one year and includes lectures from our own faculty, members from associated departments at Cooper, and visiting professors. Residents will give two formal presentations annually. There is also protected time weekly for a resident-led conference to review core material in plastic surgery. 

Morbidity and Mortality Conference occurs monthly, and there are also scheduled journal clubs. Clinical research is encouraged during residency and opportunities exist to pursue this. There is also a basic science research laboratory with opportunities for resident involvement.

The plastic surgery resident is expected to be on call every fourth-sixth night, but calls are taken from home. The resident is allowed four weeks of personal time off per year in addition to two full-days off for wellness.

Year 1 (months) Year 2 (months) Year 3 (months)

Plastics (5)

Hand (1)
Breast Surgery (1)
Surgical Oncology (1)
Ortho Trauma (1)
Colorectal (1)
SICU (1)
ER (0.5)
Anesthesia (0.5)

Plastics (4)

Research (2) 
Hand (2)
Trauma (1)
Derm/Mohs (1)
Burn at Crozer (1)
Transplant at Jefferson (1)

Plastics (6.5)

Hand (1)
Aesthetics (1)
ENT (1)
OMFS (1)
Ortho Onc (0.5)
Vascular (1)

Year 4 (months) Year 5 (months) Year 6 (months)

Plastics (10)

Hand (1)
Craniofacial at CHOP (1)

Plastics (8)

Aesthetics (2)
Hand (1)
Elective (1)

Plastics (7)

Hand (3)
Aesthetics (2)