Fellowship Education

Cooper University Health Care is the leading tertiary care center in southern New Jersey. Cooper’s physicians, recognized as leaders in their fields, are committed to providing not only exceptional patient care but also an excellent learning environment to teach the next generation of physicians. Cooper University Hospital is also the primary clinical site of the first four-year medical school in southern New Jersey, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University. The opening of the medical school in 2013 has further enhanced the faculty's commitment to education.

Cooper Endocrinology is one of the largest endocrinology practices in New Jersey. Because the Division of Endocrinology has a number of community offices as well as an office situated in the city of Camden, a very diverse patient experience is offered to our trainees with the full breadth of endocrine disorders.

The Endocrinology Fellowship Program at Cooper University Health Care is a two-year fellowship program and accepts one candidate per year. Inpatient consults are performed on the Health Sciences Campus of Cooper University Hospital in Camden. Outpatient experiences include clinics on the Camden campus and suburban endocrinology offices in Cherry Hill and Sewell, New Jersey.

Ambulatory rotations

Fellows maintain alternating continuity clinics on the Camden campus with one continuity clinic with emphasis on non-diabetic endocrine disorders and another with emphasis on diabetic care. They will participate in the innovative Diabetes Clinics at Cooper’s Urban Health Institute in Camden; these clinics utilize cutting-edge approaches and multidisciplinary teams to provide diabetes care to underserved populations. In addition, fellows rotate through a multidisciplinary pituitary clinic and an Endocrine clinic at MD Anderson Cancer Center with an emphasis on endocrine cancer and complications of cancer therapy. Finally, fellows will have the opportunity to rotate with a variety of faculty members in our suburban practice, giving them a broad experience in endocrinology.

Thyroid Ultrasound and Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA)

Fellows will have scheduled rotations in our weekly Thyroid Biopsy Clinic beginning in the first year. They will perform thyroid ultrasound and FNA under faculty supervision. They will continue to mature these skills through the second year and will be competent in thyroid FNA by the end of their fellowship.

Additional Education

Throughout the fellowship, fellows will have scheduled rotations in Pediatric Endocrinology, Nutrition, Reproductive Endocrinology and Maternal/Fetal Medicine to gain insight into endocrine disorders in childhood and pregnancy.

Research Experience and Scholarly Activity

Fellows will engage in scholarly activities throughout their fellowship. First-year fellows are encouraged to outline a project that they are interested in pursuing under the direction of the faculty. Cooper has made ample opportunities for research including a large critical care database and an electronic medical record database, as well as opportunities for prospective case series and collaboration with medical school faculty. Each fellow will be expected to complete a scholarly project by the end of their fellowship. They will present their research at Cooper Research Week and will be encouraged to submit abstracts for presentation at a national endocrinology meeting. There will also be opportunities to write case reports and reviews of the literature.