Educational Conferences

people at a conferece

The Division of Endocrinology has a robust conference series that encourages use of evidence-based medicine and collaboration with colleagues across multiple disciplines.

The division holds two excellent multidisciplinary CME conferences each month. These conferences help us partner with our colleagues for a superior educational experience for the trainees and faculty involved. Pituitary conference is a multidisciplinary conference involving neurosurgery, radiology, pathology, radiation oncology, and endocrinology. This monthly conference reviews challenging pituitary cases. Endocrine tumor conference is a second multidisciplinary conference involving endocrine surgery, pathology, radiology, and endocrinology. This monthly conference reviews challenging endocrine tumor patient cases, such as those with thyroid cancer, adrenal tumors, neuro-endocrine tumors, and parathyroid disease.

Case conference is a monthly discussion of an endocrine case with guidance working through a differential diagnosis, laboratory findings, final diagnosis, and treatment.

Journal club conference reviews important current literature in endocrinology. Presenters help guide the audience through critical evaluation of a journal article to determine if the new literature should alter clinical practice.

The fellowship core curriculum series covers a broad range of subjects with particular attention to endocrine emergencies at the start of the year and covering the breadth of endocrinology topics throughout the year.